3 Diet Foods That Are Working Against You

list of diet foods working against you

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Do you feel like no matter how closely you follow your weight loss plan, the results have just stopped? Diet food lists, sacrifice, skimping, working out, and no success? It’s really frustrating.

So many of us have been there and can completely relate. You are working hard. Following the weight loss plan, but yet, something is just missing. The scale has stopped going down and the results you were desperately hoping for aren’t there.

Ugh! Why Won’t The Weight Come Off?!

Too often, the biggest problem isn’t your effort or motivation. Obviously, you’re putting in the time and eating what you’re suppose to, right? The problem is that you are letting certain foods into your diet plan. Food that sabotaging your results.

Many of these foods are labeled “fat loss foods” to help, but in reality they don’t help lose weight at all. Instead, they hold you back from you desired success.

Diet Foods List That Make Weight Loss MORE Difficult!

(As if it needs to be any harder?)

So? Which foods are causing this? To get started, we will look at a list of 3 diet foods that you need to stop eating right now!

Yogurt With Fruit Favors

Diet Tips for weight lossYogurt with fruit favors are one of my favorite “healthy foods” but little did I realize they’re packed with sugar. Every little container can have an enormous amount of sugar with out even realizing it.

I started looking at the sugar content on some of my favorite yogurt favors and wow! Some of them have 16+ grams of sugar!

Yes, there are sugar free versions, but I really don’t like artificial sweeteners either. They can be even more harmful for you.

This had to be changed fast, but how? I had come to rely on these little cups as my quick pick-me-up snack.

I started buying plain Greek yogurt. Not one of my favs, but by adding some fresh fruit and berries, it wasn’t all that bad. And I feel better knowing exactly what is in it.

STOP Eating Stuff That Is “Fat-Free” and “Diet”

Diet weight loss tipsI actually learned this a long time ago. A personal trainer told me that if I wanted a sweet snack, to go ahead and eat it. But not to eat the “fat free” version. To my surprise, it worked. If I wanted a sinful cola drink, having the regular version was actually better than the diet option.

Natural sugars and fats are better for you than their synthetic versions.

Simply ask yourself, “if the fat and sugar is removed, what is added?” Something has to take it’s place, otherwise it would not taste good at all.

The answer to that is artificial sweeteners. artificial sweeteners are often added to them to still taste appealing.

Just make sure to lay off as much sugar as possible. If you are trying to lose weight, sugar will halt your progress fast!

The Protein Bar Trap

Tips for Dieting weight lossAnother of the foods that you need to be careful about letting into your diet plan are protein bars. While they seem to be a great option because they do contain a fair amount of protein (and we all know we need more protein), you should look at how much sugar and artificial sweeteners they contain.

The majority of the protein bars out there have as much as 17 grams of sugar or more per bar. Some can have a lot more. There are quite a few with as high as 30 or even 40 grams of sugar.

That’s a lot!

In actuality, these are nothing more than a high protein candy bar. There are some out there with lower sugar amounts. (five grams or less per bar), they can be difficult to find. Be careful about buying these bars. Here is a great option with only 2 grams of sugar per serving! 

Are any of these foods in your diet? If so, you need to get rid of them. Fast! All of that work you are putting in, is being sabotaged by these so called “healthy foods.”

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