At Home Weight Loss Workout

at home weight loss workout

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Let’s face it, not everyone can make it to the gym everyday. And honestly, who really wants to?

Using an At Home Weight Loss Workout is a great way to lose weight at home. It is possible without the time and cost of going to a gym.

You don’t need to buy pricey exercise equipment. I promise you, there is a way.

Some good at home exercises, eating healthy and staying motivated will ensure your success!

Why Is It So Hard To Follow An At Home Weight Loss Workout?

Well, the main reason is distractions. There is just so much to do! You are constantly being pulled in different directions and honestly, YOU are at the bottom of the priority list. At least in your eyes.

Another reason is that it’s easy to be lazy. After all, you earned it, right? When you do get a few minutes of quiet, just sitting back and enjoying it is really enticing, isn’t it? Trust me, I totally get this.

Getting sucked into a crappy show or the dreaded Facebook worm hole is really really easy to do. And before you know it, it’s back on duty and the time is lost.

So, what are you to do?

It Is Time To Lose Weight At Home The Fun Way

There are 3 components to weight loss: What you put in, what you burn off and staying motivated and committed to yourself.

Weight Loss At Home Through What You Eat

at home weight loss workoutEating healthy can be hard for us. It really seems that cooking and eating healthy really don’t go together. I prepare almost all of the meals in our house and when it comes to planning a meal, time runs out and too often, I end up throwing something together that isn’t always the healthiest option, but it gets the crew fed.

The “crew” is another problem. Picky eaters tend to dictate the meal. One doesn’t like peas and the other doesn’t like green beans. So we settle on carrots. Then it feels like we eat carrots all the time! You know the drill.

And I am not even going to mention going out to eat. Not good for anyone.

I have begun making more healthy food choices for the family, like it or not. I try to keep everyone’s preferences in mind, but it is totally a thing to have to eat something you don’t like. After all, who’s the parent here?

One thing that has made a big difference is learning more about superfoods. Adding these nutrient rich foods to our regular meals has made a huge impact. And believe it or not, there hasn’t been too much complaining!

Here is an at home weight loss workout that is really good!

The Red Tea Detox

Lose Weight With Good At Home Exercise

at home weight loss workoutWorking out at home is not as difficult as you may think. While I have and still do use a workout program, I also have incorporated good at home exercises and workouts into my everyday routine.

Thanks to the fitness tracker craze, I have also learned that there is a lot of calories to be burned and addition steps to be taken in just about any activity you can imagine.

I used to have a riding lawn mower. Now I don’t live on a vast estate that requires a massive mower. I live in a subdivision with about a third of an acre. It took me about 15 mins to mow with the rider. Now I push mow it. Not with a self propelled mower either. It takes me 35-45 minutes. It’s a workout, but it is something that has to be done and I am using it to burn calories.

Another thing I do is duplicate some tasks. I’ll make a couple extra trips up and down the stairs with the full laundry basket. I know it looks silly, but steps are very effective for weight loss.

The Red Tea DetoxDo you try and get all of the groceries into the house in one trip? How many bags have you fit on your arm? I used to do that too. But now I make more trips with fewer bags. More steps equals more fat burning. Steps Steps Steps! Ha!

I also spend more time playing. Kids love to play and I had almost forgotten that I do too. I play catch, tag, NERF gun wars and ride bikes. It’s really easy to just let the kids go play on their own in order to capture some of that down time, but it doesn’t seem to have the mental impact that playing does.

Staying Motivated And Committed To Weight Loss At Home

motivation to workout at homeThis is probably the biggest challenge. You will not see results in a week. Those claims are always too good to be true. But you have to look for the little successes. They are there. You will just pause one day and say to yourself, “I feel better. I have more energy than a few weeks ago.”

You will find that clothes fit a little better. You will feel more relaxed and confident.


There will be days that those little motivators will be hard to find, though. When those show up, put yourself in a good mood by accomplishing something. Anything. Complete a project. Plan a new project.

Personally, I clean. I love cleaning because the results are immediate. There is always a ceiling fan that need dusting or a window with face prints that I have been meaning to clean. Cleaning is activity and activity is the answer to “how to lose weight at home.”

This also connects with the playing point. Play time with your kids is a great mood booster that does much a lot more than just burn calories. You will find yourself looking forward to this time. And one day, you will find yourself missing it.

at home weight loss workout programOne Of The Best At Home Weight Loss Workouts!

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