List Of Bad Carbs That Kill Your Low Carb Diet

list of bad carbs

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Your low carb diet is a means to meeting your weight loss goal. So many foods that you used to eat are no longer options. But what makes these carbs so bad? Most foods with bad carbs are processed. They have additives, preservatives, colors, flavoring and have been heavily refined. Food manufacturers do this for many reasons. Mainly to either make the food look more appealing or to give it a longer shelf life.

Often, these processed carbohydrates will give you a quick boost but result in an energy crash that makes you extremely drowsy. Oh, they taste good. Most actually taste great! But the long term effects are not worth the hassle. (Most of the time. *wink wink*)

You cannot always know if something contains bad carbs, but there are usually some clues. If the ingredient list contains unpronounceable stuff, it probably is not the best choice. Another indicator is food that is white. The bleaching process is not the best for you and adds carbs that you really do not need.

List Of Bad Carbs

This is a general list of the most common offenders when it comes to bad carbs. This list will give you a good start in identifying which foods you should avoid at all cost when on a low carb diet.

White Bread

Bad Carb List White BreadIt’s no wonder that bread is not good for you. Especially white bread. The bleached, processed, perfectly formed loaves of precision sliced carb filled plastic wrappers are bad. Really bad for you. Cutting off the crust from your pb&j will not help either.

A better alternative is whole wheat. It has more flavor and a lot less crap to slow you down.


Bad Carb List PotatoesOk. This is my biggest weakness. I love love love potatoes. Just about any way you can make them. But too often, they are fried or covered in butter, sour cream and cheese. They are also easy to grab in the form of chips. That go well with dips. mmmmm

Anyway, potatoes are packed with carbs. When you add in the other stuff like fry oil and toppings, they are down right terrible for you. The best way, carb wise, to eat a potato is raw. And that is the one way I do not like them.

The alternative? Cauliflower can be a really good substitute for potatoes. When cooked, the texture is very similar. Mashed cauliflower is actually very good. Blend in a little cooked broccoli and you have a healthy side dish that does not suck!

For replacing potato chips, veggie chips are pretty good. Raw veggies are better though. Grabbing a hand full of almonds can also satisfy that crunchy snack craving as well.


Bad Carb List PastaNow this is a touchy subject. Everyone agrees that white pasta is a no go. But there are whole wheat alternatives, but use caution and read the labels on these before you indulge. Many of them are disguised white pasta with some coloring to make them look darker. Make sure you are using whole wheat.

Another replacement for pasta is zucchini. Just run it through a grater and it will appear a lot like noodles. It also tastes good too. Add some tomato sauce and Italian seasoning and you have a great spaghetti meal!

White Rice

Bad Carb List White RiceRice is a lot like pasta in the low carb world. There is the heavily refined white rice and the whole grain option. The latter being the better option, it is still not the best when you are trying to keep carbs low.

Cauliflower, again, is a good sub for rice when cooked certain ways. Here is a link to how you can use cauliflower to replace rice.

Another option is Miracle Rice. This is a rice substitute that is made completely from plant fibers. It has zero carbs and zero calories. And to be very honest, it tastes great! You can order it from Amazon here.


Bad Carb List BunsHot dog. Burger. Hoagie. Buns are bad. Whole wheat options are better, but still, buns are usually mass produced and loaded with bad stuff.

A good alternative to buns can be portobello mushroom caps or simply lettuce. Also you may want to try whole wheat flat bread.

Tortillas and Wraps

Bad Carb List Flour TortillasWe have established that most flour based bread products are not a good option. Many tortillas fall into that area. Choosing whole wheat tortillas is a better low carb option, but still will include at least some carbs.

One option is to look for veggie tortillas. There are a growing number of zucchini and cauliflower tortillas available. You can also use plan lettuce or spinach to wrap your wraps. If you fill it with flavorful foods such as seasoned chicken, banana peppers and sharp cheese, you will not have to rely on the wrapper to add flavor.


Bad Carb List CookiesSweets are a weakness for many. Me included. I love to have something sweet to snack on now and then or for a reward after supper. Again, flour is a staple in most traditional cookies. Don’t give up hope though. There are many sweet options. Flourless and sugar free cookies are a reality.

One of our favorite sweet snacks is to use oatmeal, honey, semi-sweet mini chocolate chips, flax and chia seeds. Mix it all up in a bowl and form them into balls. They taste so good, the kids even ask for them!

You can also choose to eat fresh fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth. Grab a hand full of blueberries or blackberries. If they are in season, go find somewhere to pick them yourself. It is a great family activity!

Living Low Carb Life

When you are first starting out on the low carb journey, it can seem like there are road blocks everywhere. But as you retrain your thinking, experiment and expand your options, you will quickly see the results. You will wonder how you ever tolerated eating anything else.

Just keep focused on the results and celebrate your success!

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