Lose Weight Faster By Understanding Your Body Shape

Weight Loss and Body Type

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Body types Different body types require different solutions and weight loss methods. Something that can help one body type, can have no effect on other, in fact sometimes it can even cause damage.

Different body types have:

  • Different metabolism
  • Fat is accumulated in different body parts
  • Food and exercise have different effects
  • Eating and working out at the right times

Before you begin following any weight loss program, diet and/or exercise, you should first evaluate your body type. Understanding what will work best for your specific shape can be the difference between looking great or being frustrated with your results.

Below are descriptions of the most common body types and what makes losing weight challenging for them.

Apple Shape Body Type

Apple Shaped BodyWide shoulders, narrow hips, flat buttocks and thin legs. These are the characteristics of the apply shape body. Typically, this shape has higher endurance and more physical power. Fat tends to accumulates at upper part of the body – chest, arms, shoulders and belly.

Even with some overweight apple shaped body looks very proportionate compared to other body types. Apple shaped body people have mid range metabolism. This is why increasing it will help to lose weight.

People with apple shaped bodies also have other issues beyond just weight gain.

Because of their fat accumulation around the heart, pancreas, kidneys, apple shaped body people may face serious heart diseases or even diabetes.

Proper food and exercise according to our special apple shaped program can prevent these problems.

Diamond Shape Body Type

Diamond Shaped BodyPeople with a diamond shaped body store excess fat around their mid section and have a smaller chest and bottom. This can make finding proper fitting clothing very difficult to find. A larger waist means larger pants but don’t fit correctly in the legs. It also means that shirts and blouses are tight in the lower area and very baggy in the shoulders and chest.

Everyone knows that belly fat is one of the most difficult areas to target. It is caused by eating too many fatty foods. The misconception that doing a lot of abdominal exercises can target this area. This is just not the case. In fact, it can increase your weight line because your stomach muscles increase in size, but burn very little excess fat.

Diamond bodies can find success though. Following a specific program of food and following the right belly fat loss exercise program can make looking great a reality.

Box Shape Body Type

Box Shaped BodiesPeople with box shaped body can’t brag about graceful body curves, they typically have: wide waistline, shoulders and thick thighs. The upper and lower body is large, so fat spreads proportionally all over body, even few extra pounds can be pretty uncomfortable.

It is very hard to lose weight for box type people. This is primary caused by very low metabolism. Sometimes it may seem like a person doesn’t eat too much and weight still grows.

After all it is a wrong impression.

All this can be fixed by proper food and exercise program, it will increase metabolism and help lose that troublesome weight.

Pear Shape Body Type

Pear Shaped BodyPeople with this type of body have narrow upper body compared to wide hips and thighs. Overweight is usually accumulated at lower part of the body, at hips, thighs and buttocks, while upper body remains quite thin.

Pear type body people usually have low metabolism and can gain weight very quickly. This is why it is important to exercise and change eating habits.

If you are pear shaped, boosting your metabolism will target and take off excess weight. Maintaining a pear shaped workout routine will help you keep it off and feel much better. To raise your metabolism, follow a diet high in protein and fiber. Also drink lots of water!

Usually the goal for this type of body is to equalize upper and lower parts, especially the lower.

If you want to achieve a proportional body you must use a specific type of exercise.

Otherwise you can actually increase the size of the lower body by doing wrong exercises or doing them incorrectly.

Targeting Your Specific Body Type

Body Type Weight Loss SystemIf you want to determine your body type and what it takes for YOU to lose weight correctly, there is a program that can help. It is called Weight Loss to Your Body Type.

The system is based on information about weight loss according to specific body types. Your metabolism is burning at it’s peak certain times of the day based on your shape. This affects when you should eat or workout to burn fat.

The system is so accurate and efficient that some people are able to lose up to 1 pound a day on it. Weight Loss to Your Body Type recommends the types of foods that work best for you. It is even approved by certified medical doctors, and is backed up by medical research and data.

To learn more about Weight Loss to Your Body Type, visit this affiliate link.

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