Don’t Let Dieting Destroy Your Social Life

Dieting and going out to eat

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You are working hard to stick with your diet. It’s not been easy, but you are feeling pretty good about how you have stayed on the wagon and are starting to really see some results. Then Friday afternoon rolls around. You get a call from a friend asking your to go out. What do you do? You still deserve to have a social life, right?

diet temptationIt can be really difficult for some to be social while dieting. The temptation is often overwhelming when you are not on your daily routine.

Totally ignoring friends is definitely not a solution. You have to find balance between your will power and not being a recluse. I know all too well, it isn’t easy. But having a plan is the answer.

Know ahead of time what you are willing and able to eat and drink in the environment where you will be.

Tips For Socializing While Dieting

Eat Before Going Out

Because many social times are later at night, it is a good idea eat ahead of time. This will keep you from eating too late and too much. You will probably only need a salad or small appetizer while hanging out.

This will also mean you won’t be starving by the time you do get around to meal time.

Know Your Drink

Social events often include adult beverages. Many of these drinks will destroy your diet for the day. Beer and mixed drinks are loaded with carbs, sugars and calories. You know, the things your trying to avoid.

Do some research before hand and find a something that is better for you than the usual. Here is a link to some great low calorie drinks that really do taste great.

Fried Foods. Fried Diet

This probably goes without saying, but fried foods are a total no-go. But they are soooo yummy! Will power will have to be your guide here. Onion rings. French Fries. Calamari. Oh, they sound so good. But just stay away. I know. They are so small and it’s only one.

If you are really weak and know that temptation might overcome you, pack some healthy nuts in your purse. They don’t take up much room and you can easily sneak a few without drawing too much attention.

You are stronger than you think!

Make Smart Eating Choices

going to parties on a dietThis is no different than normal, but you are in a different situation. There are a lot of foods available that you don’t normally allow yourself to be exposed to. Avoid soups, and breads. Especially bread!

In many restaurants, loaves of bread seem to just appear out of no where. And the simple bowl of soup can contain a lot of calories from four and starches. Just because it is liquid, doesn’t mean it is in your diets best interest.

Stick with salads, veggies and lean meats like chicken and fish. Temptation is always there, but eating out will 10x it!

Enjoy Your Escape

When it is time to eat, eat slowly. Don’t rush. Savor and enjoy every bite!

Would You Like Dessert?

Cheese cake. Just those 2 little words make me want to get up and go find some. Avoid desserts at all cost. Even the so called healthy ones. They will lure you. They may even seem to call your name out loud. Just say ‘NO’!

Instead, ask for a bowl of strawberries or other fruits. Trust me, you will not hate yourself in the morning. This I can tell you from experience!

Would You Like To Dance?

Get active. If there is a dance floor, use it. If there is a pool table, dart board or shuffle board, get the gang playing. Staying active is a great way to avoid snacking.

When you are just sitting at a table talking, it’s easy to pick at what ever is available.  But when you are moving around or at least engaged in an activity, your mind will not be as likely to feel the need to eat. It’s also a great way to keep everyone engaged and having fun.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

fun while dietingDrink water. In case you didn’t catch that: Drink water. The more water you are able to drink, the less hungry you will feel.

After every alcohol drink you have, order a glass of water. It will help offset any extra calories you may have indulged in.

Plus, it will keep the bill down while keeping the party going.

Stay Strong

Dieting really does not have to mean the end of your social life. Keep your eye on the ultimate goal of being healthier and looking like you want to. You may be surprised and how supportive your friends will be.

Who knows, maybe you will even be their inspiration to get healthier too!

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