Overcoming Home Workout Struggles

Working Out At Home

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I hate going to the gym. The time it takes away from my day is just too much to give up. Plus, I don’t like the environment (or the smells) in those sweat boxes. I do still want to work out and lose weight though. This makes working out at home my best option.

But, this brings up a entirely different set of problems. Even at home, finding the time, motivation and energy to work out.

Don’t get me wrong, training at home is great and for many people it will be highly effective. But there are those nagging challenges that I needed to be overcome to get the results I really wanted and needed.

Here are some of the biggest challenges I faced and still struggle with. Like me, you can overcome them. I’m going to show you how I do it.

Home Workout Challenge #1 – Time, Energy and Balance

You must make time for you, first and foremost. This means making yourself and your workout the priority.

I love the quote, “Win the day, the night before.”

For me, this means planning my day ahead of time.

Obviously there are time sensitive tasks will be forced to the top. Getting the kids fed, clothed and out the door is one that you don’t have much choice on.

I prefer to start my day with a workout. I get up before everyone else and put in the time. Yes, I sacrifice some sleep, but you know what? I really don’t miss it. I feel so much better after working out. I get a huge boost of energy to start my day and that puts me on a very motivated path that resonates all day long.

I spend some time warming up on my treadmill walking to get started. This time I use to browse the internet, listen to music or podcasts and sometimes, I just enjoy the thoughtless time.

Then I workout with an online workout program. This guides me through a routine and I don’t have to really think about it. I just follow along.

Home Workout Challenge #2 – Getting Board Or Complacent

I get board easily. I am very rarely board though because I always just move on to something else, rather than the task that needs to get done.

Early in my efforts to workout at home, I discovered that I was not adding enough variety to my workouts and would just get board with them. I wasn’t challenging myself enough.

So, in order to push myself, I found an online workout program that was progressive. it gave me the option to strive to do more. Now, by setting goals to improve and do more, I am always looking forward to the next level.

Home Workout Challenge #3 – Interruptions Take Priority

Because I have a very limited amount of time to get my workout in, it seemed like I was always getting interrupted. Something else would demand my time and effort before I could get my workout done.

The early morning thing helped a lot. No one else wanted to get up as early as I did, so it was truly “My Time”.

But, I also sat down with my family and explained how important it was to me to have this dedicated time. And, I basically told them that unless someone was on a stretcher headed out the door or the fire department had already been called, I was not to be disturbed. HA!

I also found that doing a more intense workout allowed me to get through it much faster. By maximizing the effort I put into the time available, I shortened the window of time that the world had to interrupt me.

One great side effect of this was that the added intensity ended up being much more effective for weight loss. True Story!

Home Workout Challenge #4 – Ineffective Effort

I quickly found out that all workouts are not created equal. As with the example above, doing the right workout program can make all the difference.

Early on, when I started using an actual workout program, I experimented with several that were just not effective for my goals.

When I found the right workout program, I really started to feel and see the results. If you are going to put forth the effort, then make sure you are getting the most out of it.

Home Workout Challenge #5 – You Must Have Support

As with my family, you will need to lay down the rules to carve out your time. But it is also just as important that they support your efforts. Moral support is a really valuable thing!

Another form of support for me came from the online program I use. This encouraging, progressive system makes it much easier for me to overcome the challenges that I faced and continue to face.

Working out at home as well as losing weight at home is extremely rewarding when done correctly. You are able to take pride in the fact that you can make the commitment to improving yourself and your lifestyle.

I wish you luck and success on this journey!