Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals And Loving The Results

setting realistic weight loss goals

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“I want to lose 50 pounds!” If you have ever said this, then you are probably not going to be very happy with your results. Setting weight loss goals should go far beyond the number on the scale.

The weight loss process is hard. It takes sacrifice and determination. Unfortunately, those are some pretty difficult hurdles to overcome. The biggest motivator is success. When you feel like you are making progress, you are much more likely to stick with it.

When you set your weight loss goal too high, you will struggle to stay motivated and it will be very easy to fall off the wagon.

Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals

It is important to recognize your progress and celebrate it. One of the problems most people have when getting started on a new diet or weight loss program is that they focus on the scale.

When you begin to transform your body, there are many things happening.

Don’t Base Your Weight Loss Goals On Weight

Adding exercise and more activity to your lifestyle starts building muscle. Your muscles are an amazing system. When they are used, they adapt and grow. Muscle weighs more than fat, so building muscle is actually a faster process than losing weight. This is why many will see a spike in weight when they begin a workout program.

Obviously, when you start working out, it’s difficult. Sore muscles, exhaustion and mental strain are hard things to adapt to. This is why so many people will quit within a week of starting.

If you put forth all of this effort and sacrifice, only to step on the scale and see negative progress, it’s easy to give up. Really easy.

Never weigh in when you are just getting started. It is not important and will only discourage you.

Set Weight Loss Goals Based On How You Feel

Throughout your first week, you will be tired and sore. Don’t let this be discouraging. In fact, you should embrace this as a huge milestone.

When the soreness shows up, you will probably be a day or so into it. If you can fight through the pain, you will quickly see that it goes away. Your body adapts.

Keep moving and before you know it, the pain and soreness will become only an indication that you have moved to the next level.

That first workout that you don’t walk in feeling like a beat up punching bag, you will know that you’ve reached another goal.

Recognize Your Increased Energy and Flexibility

It is easy to say you don’t have any energy. Just typing it now, I felt mine drop a little. Stop talking about how tired you are. Your words affect your body.

Instead, make it a goal to look for ways your body is serving you better. Walk a flight of stairs on a regular basis. Set your goal to get to the top without being winded. Or, get to the top faster. Enjoy the process of progress.

You will also notice that you are more flexible. Doing basic stretching exercises will help with this and also help prevent some of the soreness.

The Real Measure Of Weight Loss

Once you begin to lose weight, it will become obvious. Your clothes will fit better or even loose. It will no longer be a challenge when you have to stoop down to pick things up.

You will see it in the mirror. Your face will look different.

Best of all, others will recognize your progress. “You look different.” “You look great!” That will be the true measure of how your weight loss is going.

When positive things start showing up, you will know that you are reaching your weight loss goals and beyond!

Love YOUR results!

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