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Respark Romance Even If He’s Unromantic

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When a man falls for you, he’s falling for you the way you are. You shouldn’t have to change or start doing things to keep him interested. You can learn how to make your husband happy again.

When you’re worried, remind yourself that he chose you. He already decided that you’re good enough. In fact, he decided that you’re more than good enough. He wanted to be with you!

One big difference between men and woman is: Men want the woman to stay the same while the woman wants to change the man. So the simple answer is: continue to be yourself and enjoy the relationship, and don’t try to change the man!

Can Sex Really Be Boring?

It is totally normal that your sex life will experience some ups and downs.

Everyone goes through fluctuations in hormones and other biological processes that can have effect libidos as we get older.

When you add in that routines develop over time, you can find yourselves in a rut.

These routines can make sex somewhat predictable and even boring. Yes, even sex can get a little mundane over time.

The best advice is to switch things up expectantly.

Try something different and when you do, the pleasure chemicals in your brains will skyrocket!

When sex seems too routine, our brains don’t release as much of the pleasure chemical dopamine. This addictive substance can really feel good, but when you don’t get as much as you used to, you will be less inspired about sex.

But can just switching things up a little really make a difference?

Super Charging Your Physical Relationship

Turn Him OnThere are some pretty simple things you can do to get more out of sex with your partner. Things like exploring sex in a different room or surprising your partner at a different time of day.

Put on an apron and invite him into the kitchen. 😉 Or sneak into the shower with him for a “have a good day” quickie.

Showing him that you can be adventurous and find him desirable away from the bedroom will catch him off guard adding to the excitement. You may also be surprised at how much you enjoy it as well!

Another really easy, yet exciting idea is to do some role playing. Your man does love you, but just the thought of making love to someone else will really get him going.

Try different characters and scenarios. Be the attendant at the gas station that sneaks up behind him. Or the waitress that asks for a quickie in the backroom.

You don’t have to be worried or embarrassed or even a good actress. He will play along and you will see how much it gets him going!

Care to take it a step further? Send him a note to meet you at a restaurant that you have never been to together. Tell him to get a table and wait for you.

When you get there, pretend you don’t know him, but want to. Seduce him over drinks and diner. Ask him to take you home for some dessert. *wink wink* Trust me, this is every guys fantasy.

And the best part is, he doesn’t have to worry about doing anything wrong, because it is with you!

Just Break Out Of The Norm

While this may seem a bit odd or even silly, these are just some simple ideas that can help you break away from the norm. It is truly amazing how much switching up the same-ole same-ole will add to the excitement of a relationship. You can even make it normal to be adventurous. Challenge each other to come up with new ways to surprise yourselves. Take turns and see where your imaginations will take you.

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