Stretching Exercises for Flexibility You Need To Do Everyday

Stretching Exercises for Flexibility

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Stretching exercises for flexibility and balance are an important part of any fitness program. They are also a great way to get started on a weight loss journey.

Stretching properly can help you improve your flexibility, balance, alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress and help prevent soreness after workouts.

Here are 9 basic stretching exercises for flexibility you should do everyday to improve your overall health and get the most out of your weight loss program.

Best Stretches - Hip Raises

Hip Raise Bridge

Number Of Reps: 10 for 10 seconds each

Targeted Areas: chest, abs, hip flexor, glutes, legs

Lie on your back with knees bent 90 degrees, feet flat on floor, arms parallel to your body. Slowly lift hips toward ceiling until you form a diagonal line from your knees to shoulders.

Press your upper back into floor. Hold for 10 seconds

Now lower your hips back to the floor.

Modifier: You can also point one of your legs straight up toward ceiling to increase effectiveness. Alternate legs with each rep.

Best Stretches - Trunk Twist

Seated Trunk Twist

Number Of Reps: 5 per side for 20 seconds each

Targeted Areas: back, abs, obliques

Sit on floor with your back straight. One leg extended in front of you and the other bent at the knee and crossed over the other.

Rotate at the waist away from the bent knee. Turn your head with your body and tighten your abs.

Twist as far as possible and hold for 20 second.

Return to center. Repeat 5 times then switch legs and follow the same process.

Best Stretches - Fold Over

Fold Over Stretch

Number Of Reps: 10 for 20-30 seconds each

Targeted Areas: neck, back, glutes, hamstrings, calves

Stand tall with feet slightly apart, arms at your sides.

Exhale as you bend forward from hips. Lower your head toward floor. Relax your head, neck and shoulders. Reach for the ground with your hands and hold for 20-30 seconds.

Roll your body back into the standing, upright position to complete the rep.

Modifier: You can also wrap arms around backs of legs and hold to increase the range as your flexibility improves. 

Best Stretches - Butterfly

Leg Butterfly

Number Of Reps: 10 for 20-30 seconds each

Targeted Areas:  neck, back, glutes, hamstrings, thighs

Sit on floor with your back straight. Fold your legs in until the soles of your feet are touching.

Grasp your feet with your hands and tighten your abdominal muscles.

Hold for 30 seconds and then relax.

Repeat 8-10 times.

Modifier: Slowly lower your chest toward your feet. This increases the range of motion and adds additional muscle groups. Only go only as far as is comfortable.

Best Stretches - Knee To Chest

Reclined Leg Bends

Number Of Reps: 5 per side for 20 seconds each

Targeted Areas: lower back, hips, glutes, hamstrings

Lying on your back with your legs straight, bend one leg toward your chest.

Place your hands behind your knee and pull slightly your bent leg. Hold this position for 20 seconds.

Lower your leg back to the floor and repeat with the other leg.

Best Stretches - Hip Flexor Lunge

Hip Flexor and Quad Stretch

Number Of Reps: 3 per side for 30 seconds each

Targeted Areas: hip flexors, quads, hamstrings

From a standing position, lunge your right leg forward until your right knee is bent 90 degrees.

Your right foot should be flat on floor and your left leg is extended backward with your left heal raised.

Place both hands on top of right knee and press back hip forward. Lean toward your right knee while keeping your torso upright.

Hold this pose for 30 seconds then release.

Do this 3 times then switch legs and repeat the process with your left knee in front of you.

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Best Stretches - Reverse Back Arch

Reverse Back Arch

Number Of Reps: 10 for 20-30 seconds each

Targeted Areas: shoulders, back, chest, abs, obliques, hip flexors

Lie face down on floor in the down push up position and your legs together, extended behind you.

Press against the ground, lifting your upper body off floor.

Tighten your abdominal muscles while keeping your pelvis on the ground.

Lean your head forward and up.

Draw your shoulder blades together by spreading your shoulders apart.

Hold this for 30 seconds and then lower your chest back to the floor.

Repeat this 5 times, slowly.

Best Stretches - Reverse Back Arch

Tricep Back Scratch

Number Of Reps: 2-3 per arm for 20 seconds each

Targeted Areas: neck, shoulders, back, abs, triceps

Standing tall with your feet about 10″ apart, extend your arms over your head.

Bend your right elbow so the right palm lands flat on your upper back.

Reach your left hand over and grasp your right arm, just below the elbow.

Gently pull your right elbow backward and toward your head.

Hold this position for 20 seconds.

Switch arms and repeat.

Best Stretches - Quads

Foot Back Pull Thigh

Number Of Reps: 10 for 20-30 seconds each

Targeted Areas: back, abs, hip flexors, glutes, quads

Stand up straight and tighten your abs. Keep your feet together and arms by your sides.

Bend your knee, bringing the right heel toward your back. Grasp top of your right foot with your right hand.

Press your right foot into your hand, increasing the force pulling along the front of your thigh.

Hold for 30 seconds then switch sides. Do this 3 times for each leg.

Modifier: To help with balance, you may need to extend the opposite arm over your head or place on chair.

By doing these stretches each day, you will quickly see and improvement in your flexibility. Having better range of motion and agility can come in handy while helping to prevent injury.

Always check with your doctor before beginning a workout or stretching routine.

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