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Ultimate Guide For Drinking Water To Lose Weight Calculator

Drinking water for weight loss calculator and tips

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Are you drinking enough water for weight loss? Probably not.

While everyone knows that water is the single most important factor in weight loss, it seems like an surmountable task to drink enough of it.

Before we calculate how much water you should be drinking to lose weight, lets take a look at why drinking enough water is so helpful.

Hydrate Your System

Water helps to hydrate your entire system. Yes, you are made up of a significant percentage of water.

When the balance is thrown off due to dehydration, your body goes into panic mode. Signals are sent throughout the entire works that a crisis is possible.

This causes all of your organs to begin saving anything it can to maintain their efficiency. Including fat.

Storing fat is the bodies way of saving for an emergency. When you are well hydrated, all systems work much better.

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Water Eliminates Toxins

water removes toxins in our bodiesWater also helps to flush toxins from the body. When you are working on losing weight, it is helpful to cleanse these harmful substances from your system. Nothing works faster than good ole’ h20.

Because water does not contain artificial colors or preservatives, it leaves none behind.

When you stop adding these harmful substances to your body, the ones that are already there are flushed from your system because your body does not want them in the first place. Thus, the body detoxifies itself with the influx of clean water.

Along with that, it will help regulate your digestive system with no extra fee! Ha!

How much water calculator

Smoother Skin From Water

dry skin leads to aging Your skin is the largest organ you have. It needs water to stay smooth and soft.

When you are not getting enough water, your skin will become dry and will eventually become itchy and over time can wrinkle.

While this does not directly influence weight loss, it can be a good indicator of why you may be struggling to lose weight.

When you notice that your skin is dry, it’s a good idea to up your daily intake of water.

Calculating How Much Water To Drink For Weight Loss

Now that we know why drinking enough water is so important, lets see what goes into calculating the amount of water you need to lose weight.

Your Current Weight:

drinking water for weight loss calculations

Before we can calculate how much water you need everyday you need to know your current weight.

This just makes sense because it takes more water to hydrate a 180 pound man than it would a 118 pound woman.

The more mass, the more water is needed.

Multiply Weight By 0.67:

drinking water to lose weight calculator

Hydration Calculator

Take your weight and multiply it by 0.67. This will give you the number of ounces that are required for you to drink each day.

For example, if you weigh 162 pounds, you would take that number and multiply it by 0.67 and hit equals.

This will give you 108.54.

That means you need to drink about 110 ounces each and every day. Or about  you would multiple that by 2/3 and learn you should be drinking about 117 ounces of water every day.

Just shy of a gallon.

When you think about it, that isn’t really very much over the course of a full day!

Factoring In Activity:

factoring activity for drinking water for weight loss

When you workout, your body loses or uses a lot of water. Because of this, you need to factor physical activity into your your water calculations.

This is done by adding another 12 ounces of water to the total from above for each 30 minutes of physical activity.

So, to use our example above, where  we used weight to determine that 117 ounces of water were needed each day, a half hour work out would bring that total up to 129 ounces.

Honestly, you will most likely drink at least 12 ounces during a 30 minute workout.

When I am working out, I constantly have my water bottle with me and usually have to refill toward the end, even before I have started to cool down.

I have found that drinking more water during a workout keeps me going. Just don’t drink so much that your stomach feels full. When you chug water, you are more likely to feel bloated and end up with stomach cramps. (Yuck!)


Quick Drinking Water To Lose Weight Calculator

To make this a little easier to calculate, use the table below. Just match up your approximate weight with the amount of water you should be drinking each day. Just remember to add 12 ounces of water for every 30 minutes of physical activity to the amount shown below.  

  • If You Weigh:
  • 100 Pounds
  • 110 Pounds
  • 120 Pounds
  • 130 Pounds
  • 140 Pounds
  • 150 Pounds
  • 160 Pounds
  • 170 Pounds
  • 180 Pounds
  • 190 Pounds
  • 200 Pounds
  • 210 Pounds
  • 220 Pounds
  • 230 Pounds
  • 240 Pounds
  • 250 Pounds
  • You Need To Drink:
  • 67 Ounces Of Water Per Day
  • 74 Ounces Of Water Per Day
  • 80 Ounces Of Water Per Day
  • 87 Ounces Of Water Per Day
  • 94 Ounces Of Water Per Day
  • 100 Ounces Of Water Per Day
  • 107 Ounces Of Water Per Day
  • 114 Ounces Of Water Per Day
  • 121 Ounces Of Water Per Day
  • 127 Ounces Of Water Per Day
  • 134 Ounces Of Water Per Day
  • 141 Ounces Of Water Per Day
  • 148 Ounces Of Water Per Day
  • 154 Ounces Of Water Per Day
  • 161 Ounces Of Water Per Day
  • 168 Ounces Of Water Per Day

remembering to drink water for weight loss

Remembering To Drink Water

One of the biggest problems people face when attempting to drink enough water is simply remembering to actually drink it.

It does kind of sound silly, but I know that has been my biggest roadblock to hydration.

I have used many different tactics to try and remind myself, but the best one yet is a big, bright container.

This thing is always with me. I fill it several times per day. In fact, when I can’t have it with me now, I feel like something is missing.

It is the single best advantage I have found that works in my plan for staying hydrated. You can get one like mine from Amazon here.

What If You Just Don’t Like Water?

Water Infusion PitcherDrinking enough water isn’t just about remembering for some people. Many just do not like the taste. Trust me, I can relate.

While I have adjusted my tastes over the years and now pretty much just drink plain ole’ tap water, there was a time that I had to add something to it. Juice, sport drink and even Koolaid were some of my favorites.

Trust me, your body will begin to crave water and you will get acclimated to drinking it. In the meantime, try some of the favoring options out there. Obviously avoid the ones with tons of sugar and sweeteners. Those are kind of counter productive.

One popular method is to infuse your water with fruit. That’s right! Simply putting some fruit in a jug of water will give it a natural favoring.

Who would have thought? Ha!

If you want to infuse your water with fruit favoring, you can also use an infusion pitcher.

These help you get the most flavor out of the fruit without leaving a bunch of extras behind.

Here is a link to one of the most popular infusion pitchers on Amazon.

You can also get an infusion water bottle for when you are on the go!

Can Water Really Help You Lose Weight?

This is kind of a tricky question. When you are dehydrated (not getting enough water on a regular basis) then, YES, it can help quite a bit.

On the other hand, if you already drink enough water, you probably won’t see much of a difference if you up your water intake, although drinking more water is never a bad thing.

Either way, drinking water boosts your metabolism and thus, does help you lose weight.

Being well hydrated is the key to being healthy. Too many sugary sweet drinks will work against your weight loss efforts and in some cases, actually cause you to dehydrate even further.

Either way, drinking more water is good for you over all. In most cases, people are drinking a lot less water than they realize.


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Most Common Signs You need To Drink More Water.

There are many ways your body will let you know if you are not getting enough water. While these are not always the only indicators, they are some of the most common.

signs of dehydration thirst


This one is kind of a no brainer, but it is the most obvious. When you find yourself feeling thirsty, it’s probably way past time to grab your water bottle and start drinking. Our bodies are amazing machines. When you begin paying attention to it, you will see that there are many messages it sends you all the time. Thirst is one of the most common indicators that you are getting an alert form you body.

signs of dehydration fatigue


Being unusually tired is another common sign of dehydration. Fatigue can also show up in other ways as well though. Mental confusion and even unusual anger or aggression. When you have severe moods swings or strangely forgetful, time to drink some water. Fatigue caused by dehydration can also cause you to shake or just be unsteady. Always be looking for warning signs from your body that you need to drink more water.

signs of dehydration dry eyes

Eyes and Sight

Moisture leaves your body in many ways. Your eyes are one of them. Because they are exposed to the air so much when we are awake, they need a lot of water from your body to stay in good working order. When they get dry, you will find yourself rubbing them more and your eyesight can even become blurred. I have had instances where my eyes begin to see words jumping on a page of text, or blur out areas of the page. This can indicate many things and re-hydration is one of the easiest fixes to try first.

signs of dehydration headaches


The brain is another big consumer of water. It is always working. Remembering, planning and keeping your body running are constantly tasks your brain is working on. When you are dehydrated, the brain doesn’t get everything it needs to keep going at peek performance. It will send you a signal in the form of a headache to remind you to drink more water. Now, it’s up to you to listen.

signs of dehydration muscle cramps

Muscle Cramps

Any runner can tell you the effects when muscles don’t get enough water. It is what keeps them flexible and strong. When you become dehydrated, they will cramp up from lack of water. Your muscles are straining during a workout or run, they use a lot of water to stay flexible and strong. Remember to grab that water bottle and avoid the pain of muscle cramps.

These are just some of the signs of dehydration to look for. It is especially important to pay attention to your hydration when you first start a new workout regiment. Sweating will such your body dry in no time, so always increase your water intake when you are working out.

All of these can also be signs of other issues as well. If you experience any of these symptoms for a prolonged period of time, it is a good idea to go get a checkup from your doctor.

how much water for weight loss calculatorJust Keep Drinking Water

Well, by now you are probably thirsty after all of this water talk. The best part is that water is usually pretty easy to find for most of us. Keeping your body hydrated can do a lot of good for you. It’s an easy way to improve your health and boost your energy. No more excuses. Make the commitment to drink more water and see what can happen.

If you can just make the decision to put more emphasis on your water consumption, I am sure you will quickly see a positive change in your body, your health and even your outlook on life. Just keep drinking more water!

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