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Weight Loss Motivation

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Making the commitment to yourself to lose weight is one thing, but sticking with it is another. There are just so many distractions! Seriously! Can’t I just have 1 hour for myself everyday? Between work, kids stuff, cooking and something similar to a social life, it just seems like there is no time to dedicate to weight loss goals. 

The truth is though, it has to be the priority. Taking care of your health should be at the top of the list when it comes to importance. No, you still have to feed the kids, but with a little planning and the right motivation, it is possible to carve out the time you need to invest in you.

When you are able to motivate yourself and break through the excuses that hold you back, you will find achieving you weight loss goals is easier than ever!

What Are Your Excuses?

What are your excusesIt is really, really easy to come up with excuses. Just ask a 3 y/o.

Do any of these sound familiar? “I can’t because…” “It won’t work out since…” “I’ll promise myself to make time tomorrow!”

Don’t feel bad. Everyone has that voice in their head that tells them they should be doing something else. Or would rather be doing something else. It really is human nature.

Now that you can admit that you have been making excuses, let’s get started knocking them aside.

Keep track of your excuses. That’s right. Write them down in a notebook or in an e-mail. Remember, you don’t have to feel bad about it.

Do this for a week and then review them. Now that you are out of the moment, come up with rational, proactive solutions so you have a plan the next time you would want to use that excuse.

Here is an example.

“I can’t workout today because of the kids games.” What about trading off with another parent and freeing up time that way? Or plan ahead and get up 30 minutes earlier that day to workout.

There are ways to work around time conflicts. It just takes a little planning ahead.

Grabbing The Time With Both Hands

Grab Time For Weight LossWhile we may like we are the vital linchpin in our worlds, the truth is, autopilot is an option. At least for short periods.

I know it may be taboo in this day and age to set the kids in front of the t.v. or tablet, it’s really isn’t the end of the world. There are tons of educational and interesting options for kids of all ages. As someone who grew up on Sesame Street and Mr Rogers, I like to think of myself as a pioneer of the digital babysitting age. I even know a little Spanish thanks to those shows!

It can also be possible to incorporate you kids into your workout. In fact, they can be great motivators. Get a kid on a schedule and they WILL make sure you remember. I remember taking my son for a walk one time and along the way, we stopped for an ice cream cone. Everyday for the next month, he asked to go for a walk. Mind you, he didn’t ask to go get an ice cream cone, although I’m pretty sure that was his motivating factor.

The end result was that we did take a lot more walks. I didn’t always partake in the ice cream, but when I did, I didn’t feel so bad about it because after all, I did walk to get it!

Realize Ahead Of Time, It Does Take Time

Are We There Yet Weight LossRemember as a kid when you didn’t have a real concept of time and distance? Going on a trip to your grandparents house may have seemed like the most exciting thing in the world when you first got in the car. But before long “How much farther?” started to echo from the back seat. It was really an empty question to ask because you didn’t have any idea of how far it was or how long it actually took. They could have told you 48 hours or 5 minutes and both would seem like forever. (Especially since we didn’t even have wifi or a dvd player in the car! So inhumane!)

Following your weight loss plan is kind of the same. When you first decide to lose weight it can be exciting, with dreams of a skinnier you, and being able to fit into smaller clothes. As time goes on though you realize losing weight is not easy. But if you convince yourself at the start that it’s is going to take time, you will be prepared for the journey.

There is no magic diet pill that will transform you into your ideal physique. It takes time, effort and motivation. Visualize the end result you want and stay on course, always heading toward those results.

Self Motivation vs Outside Support

self motivation for weight lossYou should always be your #1 fan. After all, who else has always been there for you, right? You wouldn’t be on this journey if you hadn’t motivated yourself to take the first steps. Try not to get down on Team You. Ultimately, you are the one responsible for your success. You also get to reap the rewards as well!

While you may be the most upbeat person you know and have a great positive outlook, you will have your down times. No road comes without bumps. When those happen, it’s important to have some kind of support group in place. This may be family or friends. Spouse or personal trainer. It can even come in the form of online groups that are following a similar path. Regardless of where you find it, having some outside support will help keep you motivated.

One type of outside support is via websites that are dedicated to keeping you on the path to weight loss success. Facebook is full of free groups where you can join in conversation with others that are working on similar goals. Another option is to join a virtual online gym that delivers all of the motivation and support you need to reach and go beyond your goals.

One that is highly recommended is the No Excuses Body Makeover. When you join, you get ongoing, expert advice and support from professionals that draw from decades of helping people just like you reach their weight loss goals. For less that a gym membership you have access to all of the information you need to not only lose weight, but to transform your lifestyle.

If you would like to learn more about No Excuses Body Makeover membership, here is a link to their site.

Staying motivated is the biggest challenge you face on your weight loss journey. When you are able to overcome those roadblocks, you will be on a road to long term success.

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