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Think to yourself: “How many times have I tried to lose weight, I mean really tried, and ended up failing?”

If you are like me, that number popped right into your mind.

All of the hard work, sacrifice and changes you have put in, only to give up because there were either no results, or the results were just not enough to be worth it.

No. You are not alone. But there may be another reason why you have not found success?

What if your failure to lose weight is not your fault? What if you found out your hormones are to blame?

 Would you be interested in learning more?

There are four hormones that play an important, fat shredding role for dieters’. Those four are the key to either losing and keeping weight off or to the same results, over and over.

The good news is that everyone has these fat-burning hormones and actually, they are highly controllable. That means that you can train your body to unblock these fat-burning hormones. Once they become unblocked, they will allow you to lose weight quicker and easier than ever have before!

I bet that got your attention.

This will probably make you mad to find out, because have needlessly wasted time and effort and stress, trying to lose weight with methods that were never going to work, regardless of the work you put in.

You deserve to be angry, but don’t let that anger stop you from learning the truth. It’s better to learn now than never learn at all.

After a decade of research, fitness experts and weight loss professionals have found that unblocking four specific hormones in your body can lead to massive weight loss.

Their system has proved that by taking a few simple steps, you can accomplish in one month what other diets take 2, 3 or 4 months, or even more, to maybe accomplish.

The reason is because when you follow their data driven and success proving methods, you won’t be burning fat for only 1-2 hours each day. Instead, you’ll turn your body into a fat-burning machine that burns fat rapidly and safely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for an entire 4 week period.


Once the 4 weeks are up, follow a few more simple tips to easily maintain that weight loss … or even more!

The key to remember is that for the vast majority of people, successfully losing weight really comes down to your hormones. More specifically, the four hormones mentioned earlier, that are standing between you and the thinner, fitter, sexier-looking body you desperately want.

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What Are These Four Wight Loss Hormones?

Those four hormones that are blocking your weight loss are:

1 – Ghrelin

Weight Loss Programs Online Hormone 1This is the “Fat Storage Hormone.”

When Ghrelin levels are too high, you feel constantly hungry, seemingly always crave food. These are typically bad-for-you foods with lots of sugar or high fat snacks.

If you feel like you always desperately want these “bad foods”, it’s probably because your Ghrelin level is higher and it’s activated the hunger centers of your brain and turned up your appetite.

As you can imagine, having high Ghrelin levels will really make it difficult to lose weight and keep it off.

2 – Insulin

Weight Loss Programs Online Hormone 2This one is the “Fat Saving Hormone.”

If you are overweight, you are most likely carrying around excess sugar, or glucose, in your bloodstream. When this is the case, you are storing it as fat. If you eat a lot of sugar-filled foods, or if you drink lots of sugary drinks, your blood glucose levels are too high for you to burn any body fat for food.

Having even a low level of insulin resistance, (which most of us have) can make it almost impossible to lose fat.

3 – Cortisol

Weight Loss Programs Online Hormone 3The “Fat Defense Hormone.”

Your body produces an excess of cortisol when you are under a lot of  stress, because production increases during the fight or flight response we all instinctively have. In today’s stressful society, excess cortisol inhibits your body’s ability to burn fat and causes it to be stored.

Excess cortisol will actually cause your body to burn muscle mass for energy and keep excess fat stored in the abdominal area, resulting in belly fat.

4 – Adiponectin

Weight Loss Programs Online Hormone 4Also known as the “Fat Burning Hormone.”

Adiponectin is responsible for instructing your body to use fat for fuel, rather than storing it. Unfortunately, hormone production imbalance can cause adiponectin levels to sink, which is very common.

This causes you to store more fat than normal and makes it difficult to burn the excess fat.

The Keys To Successful Weight Loss

weight loss programs online success keyWith those explanations out of the way, here are the key weight loss points to remember when it come to hormones and losing weight and keeping it off:

1) Lower Ghrelin or “Fat Storage Hormone” levels to end cravings for “bad foods”

2) Normalize insulin levels to stop storing excess glucose as fat

3) Remove “Cortisol Overload” which is prevents burning more fat

4). Increase Adiponectin levels to boost fat burning metabolism!

Get Hormone Control To Lose Weight

All of the research mentioned above has been refined into an outstanding program to help you regain your hormone balance and start really losing weight. This program called the The 4 Week Diet System, is designed and specifically formulated to control these four weight loss hormones.

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The system includes four handbooks:

The Launch Handbook – which shows you how to eat in a way that forces your 4 hormones to work together with tasty foods you’ll love to eat, so you will never have to feel hungry or deprived.

The Diet Handbook – where you’ll learn how to calculate your lean body mass, and your current body fat percentages so you can quickly and easily customize The 4 Week Diet specifically for your body type to maximize your fat loss. You’ll get a breakdown of what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat, so your body works with your 4 fat storing and fat burning hormones to burn more fat all day and night long.

The Activity Handbook – which gives you the quick and easy exercises that force your body to release even more stubborn, stored body fats into fatty acids so these fats are quickly burned as fuel.

The Motivation Handbook – which contains a treasure trove of tips, tricks, tools, and secrets for losing weight, and for keeping it off. You’ll receive quick and easy to do tips for staying motivated, reaching your weight loss goals now, and maintaining your new body for life, and whenever you need inspiration

You can learn much more about the diet and how it specifically helps you control your hormones so that you can lose 24-32 pounds in just four weeks by visiting FourWeekDiet.com.

The author, Brian Flatt has spent the last 12 years helping thousands of women and men around the world lose weight. This exciting new weight loss plan is highly effective and doesn’t involve dangerous weight loss pills or crazy eating plans. Just common sense guidance to achieve the results that you have worked so hard for, but never have been able to accomplish.

If you’ve ever been on a diet and thought “this is crazy”“There must be a better way” – this is the plan for you!

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