17 Weight Loss Tactics To Jump Start The New You

weight loss tactics

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You know what? Losing weight kind of sucks. Well, at least while you’re doing it. Why is it so easy to put on the pounds, but losing them is always so elusive?

Reaching your weight loss and fitness goals can seem overwhelming but it can be broken down into 17 pretty simple tactics. If you can truly commit to them, you just might surprise yourself at what you are able to achieve and how really good you look!

17 Weight Loss Tactics

#1 – One Small Step At A Time

Weight Loss Small Steps

This is really a combination of all of the following weight loss tactics. Understand that each one makes progress. It wasn’t one individual thing that caused you to gain weight over time. So, it will take several small steps to take it off. Use this for your motivation. Just because you maybe didn’t stick to a couple of these, you still have all the others that you did maintain. No single day will ever a total failure.

#2 – Know What You Want and When

weight loss planning and goals

Set your goals. Know when you want to reach them. Write it down. Look at it often.

#3 – Eat Early

weight loss healthy breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. If you have a good one (high protein) it will stick with you for most of the day. Don’t be afraid to even have 2nd breakfast. Foods eaten during the first half of the day have more opportunity to be used while you are active.

#4 – More Is Less

Weight Loss Eat More Often

Eating smaller portions, more frequently will actually curb your appetite. Hunger is a reflex. If your system needs fuel, your energy levels will drop and your stomach will start making those weird sounds. The good news is, it does not take a lot of food to get your stomach working again. Grab a healthy snack.

#5 – Less Carbs

Weight Loss Eat Less Carbs

Bread and pasta are high in carbs. Avoid them. Don’t remove them completely, but most people eat way too many. This is an easy sacrifice that can have a big impact on your body weight. Stick with more protein and fiber. By making this little adjustment to your diet, you should see a bump in your energy levels as well!

#6 – Say ‘No Duh’ To Soda

weight loss no soda pop

Soda is not good for you. (duh) If you are still hooked on soda, stop. It is not going to make this any easier. You will be amazed at how much better you feel without it. Even diet soda has excess chemicals your body does not need. Not to mention that carbonation is really bad for you.

#7 – H2O Agua Dihydrogen Monoxide

weight loss drink more water

Drink more water. How much? More. This is another no-brainer but is a difficult one for many. Your body need to be hydrated and water is the best way to do this. Plus, it takes up space in your tummy and curbs those grumbles when you’re feeling hungry. Some people have issues with drinking plain water, but after a while, you will find that you begin to crave it.

The 2 Week Diet

#8 – Don’t Wait For Weights

weight loss lifting weights

Some diets tell you to not exercise or lift weights. This is really silly if you think about it. When you lift even the smallest weights, you build muscle. Guess what growing muscles uses? Calories. You know, those things you are trying to avoid sticking around in your mid-section. Don’t over do it though. Find a routine that works for your physical abilities and work up from there. It does not take a lot of weight to lose those extra pounds.

#9 – Grill More Fry Less

weight loss grill more

If it is fried, it is not helping you reach your weight loss goals. Even if it is fried in the “good oil” it is still not helping. You would be amazed at how preperation can make all the difference in not only the meals calories, but how much you enjoy eating it.

#10 – Don’t Buy It, You Won’t Eat It

weight loss shopping

You can’t eat what you don’t have. If you don’t buy it, you won’t have it… staring at you in the pantry… begging you to eat it. When shopping, avoid the snack isle. It will suck you in and force you to fill your cart with things that probably aren’t going to help you lose weight. Just don’t have them available and you will greatly decrease your chances of eating them.

#11 – Don’t Deny Yourself Everything

weight loss cookies

You don’t have to give up those cookies you love. You just have to give up eating the entire package. Reseal and save for tomorrow. When you have something to look forward to, it makes the sacrifices much more palpable. Go on. Eat that chip. Have a burger and a few fries. Just don’t get carried away.

The 2 Week Diet

#12 – Mental Games

weight loss small plate

Can you really fool your own brain? Yes you can. Trick yourself into believing that the meal you are about to eat is more than it is by using a smaller plate. I like to use tiny forks too. Just because they are so dang cute! Your mind is a very powerful factor in weight loss. Use it for good, and you’ll love the results!

#13 – Just Because It’s There Doesn’t Mean You Have To Eat It

weight loss half meal

Many times we eat just because it’s there or because it is just time to eat. Know when you are hungry and only eat enough to fill you up. I always look at a meal as what I want and need to eat to be full. If there are leftovers, then I can eat them for another meal. Just because it is there, does not mean you have to eat it.

#14 – A.B.W.O. Always Be Working Out

weight loss small workouts

Watching T.V.? Do crunches and leg lifts. Sitting in traffic, flex your leg muscles. Sitting at soccer practice? Get up and walk the sidelines. Heck, skip up and down the sidelines. Don’t worry. Your kids will forgive you for the embarrassment eventually. Some day.

#15 – Use That Other Scaleweight loss food scale

Keep track of your food before you eat it. Not after. Use a food scale to measure and only prepare what you need.

#16 – Snacks Don’t Always Wear A Cape (or a flashy wrapper)

weight loss snacks

Snack on fruits and vegetables. They are good for you and will ward off cravings for those chips, cookies and other junk.

#17 – Re-engineer Your Habits

weight loss habits

Most of what we do is habit. Visiting that vending machine in the break room everyday at 10:03 is a habit. Identify one of your bad habits. Replace it with a good habit. Repeat until you are perfect. Ha! While that probably won’t happen, you will find that it will get easier.

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